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Bargain Quest is a 2-6 player competitive board game where you and your friends take on the role of an item shop in an adventuring town that's under attack by monsters. 

And where there are monsters, there will always a party of heroic adventurers to save the day! Ah, but here's the rub: these heroes don't have any equipment! Not only that, but they also have way too much money!

So now It's up to you and your friends to solve both of these problems! 


The goal of the game is simple, help the heroes save your town while making more money than your rivals!

You’ll start each round by drafting item cards to stock your store shelves. Then, you'll decide which of those items you want to place on display. 

Each hero has different tastes, fighters love swords and shields, while wizards like wands and cats, so make sure your display is arranged to attract the heroes you want. But choose carefully, as items in your window are for display only and cannot be sold!

If the hero you’ve equipped does well against the monster, you earn STARS, which are worth points at the end of the game. But for every round the monster survives it attacks the town, stealing your money or damaging your store!

Over time you’ll encounter new heroes and monsters, all while upgrading your shop and hiring employees with unique abilities. Once three monsters have been defeated, the town is saved and the shop with the most money and prestige wins the game! Hopefully that’ll be you.

Bargain Quest is a lighthearted and fun, risk vs reward game full to bursting with interesting decisions. With a hundred different item cards to choose from and a huge variety of heroes, monsters, and employees, no two rounds will ever be the same.



For a quick rundown of the rules, watch the video below. If you want a deeper dive, you can find the rulebook by clicking the link above! Or right here!

You can also watch a 3-player game in full here! 


And let me know what you think in the comments!

I’m Jonathan Ying, I was one of the lead designers of Star Wars: Imperial Assault and I served as Lead Designer on the Game Of Thrones Trivia Game and DOOM The Board Game. I've also done development work on games such as Battlelore 2nd Edition, and Warhammer 40k Forbidden Stars.

Victoria Ying is my sister! She's a veteran visual development artist who you may know from films such as the Tangled, Frozen, and Big Hero 6. She's also done illustrations for children's books and comics!

Tangled, Frozen, and Big Hero 6 all Copyright Disney.
Tangled, Frozen, and Big Hero 6 all Copyright Disney.

We've poured a lot of time and love into this game, testing it with players from all across America and with your help, we'd like to bring it to your table.

Video: Smallbu
Voiceover: David Panfilo
Music: Caleb Lowrey
Campaign Support: George Rohac

"Strongly evocative and often hilarious, Bargain Quest is tons of cut-throat fun."-Matt Lees, Shut Up and Sit Down

“Yo, Jonathan is a fantastic designer. This game is fun, balanced and really clever. Don't sleep on it!!” -Ben Kutcher, Boardgamecorner

"Trading in the Mediterranean is so last year… Bargain Quest finally let's us be on the profitable side of an adventure"
-Gamer's Couch  

"Finally I get to live out the dream of being a greedy fantasy merchant ripping off demanding adventurers, instead of it always being the other way around. Fantastic!"
- Sam Bailey, Co-designer of Warhammer 40k Forbidden Stars and the upcoming Deep: Enemy Frontier  

"Other game designers besides me sicken me" - Patrick Leder, kidder and Co-designer of Vast: The Crystal Caverns and the upcoming Deep: Enemy Frontier  

“The rules are simple. The dynamics are instantly intuitive. And I have straight up lost game time on an actual RPG because my players were having too much fun with this game." - Anderson Rolf, Playtester  

 "Bargain Quest has a real personality to it - a grinning, impish quality that delights in pitting you against your friends and, sometimes, your own self-interest. I became unexpectedly attached to the heroes that I had connived into my store, even as I robbed them blind and sent them into the jaws of certain death"-Ryan Mcleod, Liberal arts major










The Chaotic Goods pack features Guest Art from some amazing illustrators: Including Scott Kurtz, Yuko Ota, Brian Kesinger, Tyson Hesse and many more! Click the link to see all of the artists revealed so far! Not only that but you'll also get a ton of Kickstarter Exclusives, including a PDF Art Book, Deluxe Engraved Quest Token, Special Slipcover and Friendly Local Game Store Shop Board!
























Available Rewards:

$60USD + Shipping

Deluxe Game Bundle

The Deluxe BARGAIN QUEST bundle gets you the game, a print and play copy, a Kickstarter Exclusive Slipcover, a Kickstarter Exclusive Quest Token, a Digital Art Book, a Kickstarter Exclusive "Friendly Local Game Store" Player Board, and the Chaotic Goods bonus card pack!


  • PDFs of Game + Expansions (From this Kickstarter)
  • Bargain Quest! Game (Retail Version)
  • KS Exclusive Slipcover
  • KS Exclusive Quest Token
  • Digital Art Book
  • Chaotic Goods Card Pack
  • KS Exclusive "Friendly Local Game Store" Player Board
$30USD + Shipping

The Game

A copy of the Retail Version of the game, shipped before it hits stores, and at 5$ off the retail price!


  • Bargain Quest! Game (Retail Version)
$100USD + Shipping

Retailer 5 Pack

For Retailers excited to have their own copies of Bargain Quest for sale, this tier gets you 5 copies of the game, 5 copies of the Chaotic Goods Card Pack, and 5 copies of the Friendly Local Game Store Player Boards!


  • Bargain Quest! Game (Retail Version)
  • Chaotic Goods Card Pack
  • KS Exclusive "Friendly Local Game Store" Player Board

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